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On-Site Machining

From small repairs to large-scale projects, Reuther Engineering has the experience to get the job done, and quickly. We offer specialized services to fit a variety of industries.

- Line Boring Boiler Feed Pumps
- Fan Shaft Journals: Flange Facing, Preheaters, Reheaters, Heat Exchangers, Man Ways
- Condensate Pumps Gasket Faces
- Sole Plates
- Instrumentation Welds
- Valve Stud Removal
- Doweling
- Keyway Cutting
- Valve Seat Replacement
- Pulverizer Journal Replacements
- Steam Header Coupons
- Pipe Cutting
- Weld Preps
- Coupling Bolts
- Broken Bolt Drilling


In-Shop Machining

Our state-of-the-art machine shop located in Edison, NJ has the expertise and tooling to tackle any size project with high-precision.

- Milling & Drilling
- Flange Facing
- Honing
- Tapping & Reaming
- Lapping & Grinding
- Shaft Journals
- Welding
- Cast Iron Repair


Engineering & Design

Reuther Engineering & Machining has the expertise to reverse engineer and replace or re-design specialized components.


24/7 Emergency Repair

When down-time isn't an option, Reuther Engineering & Machining is who you should call. We respond promptly to repair, replace, or re-engineer as quickly as possible.

We offer pickup & delivery services for repairs that can't be repaired on-site to get you back on-line.


24/7 On Call Repairs

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